T46 eSport

Author: Futte - Date : 01-11/2016

T46 eSport started as an idea between three parts, the brothers Jeppe “Futte” Andersen and Mads “Polar” Andersen and also Jacob “Grafiled” Nielsen which shared the common interest of eSport. They played in a clan called “Clan T46” but they wanted something more. To contribute to the eSport scene and develop the talent that often goes unnoticed sadly. But they realised, they could never do that as a clan. All of the three had previous knowledge of the scene where they've worked in many different roles for even more companies.

They soon started the planning that leads up to today, the team under the same name as they started playing under. Working on this web page, created our logo, registered a company and also the most important part, scouting for a proper team. They looked for stability and talent, something you could build a stable foundation on and also progress within the rankings. Simply, a future.

They soon noticed a team with talent which played the CS:GO Denmark League during season two. A team that has been quite unnoticed, but deserves way more and they took contact with the team which was previously named "Købmændende". Soon the negotiations began, but quickly all parts came along and agreed that the lineup should start playing for the organisation, which leads us up to now. Our current, and first lineup consists of the following :

  • Mads 'Acomi' Nielsen
  • Anders 'AnageR' Reiche
  • Christian 'DongeR' Staudt
  • Simon 'kfive' Nissen
  • Mathias 'MathiasB' Laursen


Latest results

CS:GO vs. Ren Counter
Dust2 Challenger Cup
16 - 3
5 - 16