T46 eSport

Author: Polar - Date : 01-11/2016

Today marks the beginning of a new era, our era. Today, we officially and proudly launches T46 eSport. An organization based in Denmark but with bigger goals than just the Danish scene. We strive to develop Danish talent to allow new players, new teams and new stars to be discovered and develop themself and their gameplay.

We've worked hard to reach this point, we have put down hours of time, sweat, tears and possibly even some blood to get everything running, stable and find the just the right people to have within our ranks.

But today we are proud to present our first team, formerly known as “købmændende” to our organization. We decided to sign this team for some reasons, one of them is that they've consisted of the same core of four players for a long period of time and we believe their stability and persistence is what we need to get off to a good start. Also, the players shows great individual skill and talent which is something we look for a team.

Please, give the new T46 eSports lineup a warm welcome.

Mads 'Acomi' Nielsen
Anders 'AnageR' Reiche
Christian 'DongeR' Staudt
Simon 'kfive' Nissen
Mathias 'MathiasB' Laursen


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